Would You Like To Change Your Job Or Career But Not Sure How To Do So Without Risk?

I offer Career Guidance Showing You How To Identify and Secure A Position That You Love Without Putting Your Income At Risk, Or Yourself Under Stress In The Process.


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Now Included with the Silver Pro and Gold Premium services is access to me via phone or video call, for any On The Go career guidance and motivation you may require, empowering you to confidently achieve your goals. 

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Career Guidance & Clarity Using The C4 Framework!

Life tends to move quickly and favour the person who has clarity. I've developed a unique, simple but powerful approach to gaining and maintaining that clarity through a process called The C4 Career Framework. 

Here's a quick overview of what's included.



I use a bespoke approach to gain clarity by inviting you to an in depth "Discovery Session" at a mutually agreed time. From this session I will suggest a strategy for us to take action on that will include a combination of tools and methods to ensure your arrival at a point of clarity.

Puzzle - Get Career Clarity Through Career Guidance



Confidence is dependant on clarity. Without clarity it is virtually impossible to feel confident about anything in life. To make the right choices and be confident in those choices we need... you guessed it clarity. In this phase of the C4 process we continue building and considering all the options available to you based on your new level of confidence.

Career Guidance For Greater Confidence



Confidence eventually translates into conviction, a conviction that affords you the ability to decide on specific action and strategy. At this point we discuss the exact steps required to market yourself effectively and how to respond in an interview in a way that will keep you in control.

Career Guidance Leads To Conviction



The Creation State or Phase occurs only once there is significant conviction. This mental state empowers you in opening, inviting and drawing opportunities toward yourself that you otherwise would have missed. This is a place of ease and peace of mind because you know that you know, "you've got this!"

Create Your Career And Life - Career Guidance

Tools Available For Gaining Clarity 

The use of these are determined by your specific goals.

  • Self Assessment Session - Exploring all the options, formulating a plan
  • Career Path Clarity - Myers Briggs profile for greater clarity
  • Strategy Session - Plan (How do I get there)
  • CV Evaluation - Making sure it lines up with their intended career path and plan
  • Mindset Coaching - Ensuring an empowering perspective (Overcoming barriers)
  • Interview preparation - Knowing what to expect and providing the correct response
  • Personal Branding - Looks at personal presentation & social media profiles
  • Personal Story - Personal story development, “elevator pitch” (Networking Pitch)
  • Connection - Explore current advertised positions & their requirements 
  • Marketing - How to market and make yourself visible to recruiters
  • Support - Email, Coaching On The Go, 1:1 Sessions

Client Testimonials

‘When I first started attending sessions with Susan I was lost both personally and professionally, very quickly she understood my needs and structured the sessions and we came up to work from. Since then Susan has helped me achieve my short term goals and continues to help me with my long term future life goals. She also helped me appreciate what I have achieved and gave me some perspective. I felt my needs and issues were being listened to and that I have made significant progress and continue to do so with Susan’s help.’

~ Anthony, Data Analysis (Career Coaching)

Ready to gain clarity, build confidence and take action?


A Discovery Session of 30 minutes (a phone call or Skype) will give me opportunity to understand what you're looking to achieve and answer any questions you may have.  I strongly believe that for coaching to be a success, there needs to be a rapport and you need to feel comfortable with me.

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