Fast Track to Leadership

Grow as a leader within your career and organisation

Are you preparing to move into your next senior leadership role?

Do you want to gain self-confidence in your ability to lead?

Do you know what your current habits are that may be holding you back?

Are you working to your MBTI preference strengths and know when your preferences are draining your energy?

Are you preparing to move into a senior HR management role and you want to gain confidence in your unique abilities as a leader and develop your leadership skills, to navigate the challenges you are facing?


  • MBTI assessment –insights into how you think, make decisions, communicate and interact with people.
  • Your personal development plan for leadership – based on key themes of self-acceptance, self-management and self-development.
  • Develop Confidence – to effectively influence your senior leaders across the Business.
  • Tools, frameworks, and practices – to help you navigate workplace challenges and to further your ability to lead, negotiate and influence with impact.
  • Self-reflective understanding and acceptance of your unique leadership style, preferences and strengths.


An initial consultation to review current status and thinking.

  • 1-on-1 Focused Coaching Sessions four times over 6 weeks
  • MBTI Assessment feedback
  • On The Go Coaching providing guidance and motivation in the moment you may require
  • Development homework between session
  • A Customized digital workbook so you can access everything you are working
  • Using the C4 Framework – Clarity, Conviction, Create, Confidence

Who will benefit?

This programme is for you if you are being asked to operate beyond your HR Operational Expertise and you want to develop a focus on shaping an organisation’s strategy and successfully leading people.

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