Learn How To Establish Yourself As A Senior HR Leader That Has Influence, Confidence & Impact!

A Bespoke 12 Week Live Coaching Program That Will Help you Build Resilience and Position Yourself As An HR Trusted Advisor In Your Organisation.

The Problem

HR Professionals who are passionate about their craft often don't invest and spend time on their own development. I asked some HR Professionals with ten years experience or more why they don't focus on developing their own leadership style, and some of the reasons are:

  • I don’t have the time to develop myself
  • I am too worried about the development of everyone else in the organisation
  • I prioritise my time on developing Business Leaders
  • I know how to Coach, so I do self-coaching

The result of this thinking is:

You risk becoming stale and out of date with your HR Knowledge. You stop being relevant to the business and they begin to work around you, which can lead to your position becoming vulnerable and your services no longer required.


Continuous development ensures that your knowledge and capabilities stay current and that you become more effective in your role as a leader, positioning yourself for career success.

The Solution

I've developed a comprehensive program to provide you with all the knowledge you need to support and strengthen your position in any organisation.

As an HR Consultant and a Leadership Development Specialist I am offering a bespoke series of 1-on-1 HR coaching sessions, to fast-track your career.

This will assist you in building the confidence, resilience, and know-how, to take your career to the next level and have you leading with confidence and distinction.

After all, YOU, are your primary resource and investment.

lead a HR team supporting nearly 4000 employees and in my last role I was an International HR Director leading a remote team and supporting Business Leaders in Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and EMEA.

Benefits Gained:

Gain Greater Self-awareness - Through self-awareness assessments you will learn how your preferences influence your decision making, communication and recognise the work that drains your energy. You will identify your natural strengths and what you need to do more of, to give you the energy and passion for your role. 

Advance Your Strategic Business Partnering - You will develop your thinking to form a point of view that will strengthen your business partnering. This will build your credibility and presence with your team/stakeholders/Business Leaders. 

Develop & Enhance Team Effectiveness - As a Senior HR Leader, your value is in doing the strategic big picture thinking as well as the tactical. To do this effectively, you need to get more done through your team and in this program, you will learn how to motivate, develop and empower your team to greater levels. Which allows you to deliver a better service and improved results to the business. 

Build Resilience - HR can be an exceptionally stressful role and this program will help you develop mechanisms and strategies to enable you to build your resilience and identify ways to manage your stress. 

Network For Career Success - You will recognise the importance of building and leveraging relationships (inside and outside your organisation) with people who can support you in and play a pivotal part in you getting to the next level. 

Recognise Empowering & Disempowering Habits  In the program, you will identify the habits that can pull you forward and hold you back. You will identify the empowering behaviours that have helped you achieve your current success and determine what you need to get to the next level. 

Build Confidence – In this program, you will develop your unique Leadership Signature style. The leadership style that works to your strengths and preferences and demonstrates your ability to succeed at all levels. You will learn how to quieten the internal chatter that tells you ‘you are not good enough’ and help you to grow the confidence you need to thrive in your career. 

Coaching Program

A proven coaching framework for HR success:

  • An initial consultation to review your visual insights from the HR Career Success interactive assessment wheel
  • 1-on-1 Focused Coaching Sessions (x6)
  • Unlimited coaching support and recommended reading/or development between sessions
  • Develop techniques and new ways of thinking to elevate your leadership qualities
  • Reflective learning techniques to increase your self-awareness and build on your 'aha!' moments

The Roadmap


We map out your action plan to achieve your goals.


Frameworks selected to compliment your strengths.


Yield authority and command respect through impressive outcomes.

Complete your HR Career Success Wheel Assessment here and book a complimentary Success Mapping Session with me to develop an action plan.

Client Testimonial

‘I was lost both personally and professionally, very quickly she understood my needs and structured the sessions and we came up to work from. Since then Susan has helped me achieve my short term goals and continues to help me with my long term future life goals. She also helped me appreciate what I have achieved and gave me some perspective. I felt my needs and issues were being listened to and that I have made significant progress and continue to do so with Susan's help.’

~ Anthony

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