Develop your HR Team

The world of HR is changing and we are passionate in developing the role from Operations to Business Partnering. After working for 24 years in HR Susan completing a research MSc thesis on the same subject we are ready to support your HR team. Susan pioneered a Business Needs Analysis Tool that enabled Leaders to link their business strategy to their talent management goals. This HR Tool received a CIPD National Award for innovation and thought leadership in HR. We are passionate about driving the Value of HR for the organisation.


  • To create significate organisational impact to link the business strategy with your talent strategy, by developing your HR Team to deliver strategic initiatives


  • An initial consultation to review what you want you want to achieve. A fully bespoke program based on the needs of the Organisation and HR Team.

Who will benefit?

Organisations that want to upskill and upscale to their HR Team, and move their activities from Operational to Strategic

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