StandOut Success for Senior HR Professionals

An award winning 12 Week one on one coaching program that will help you lead with more confidence, influence and impact!
Build resilience and position yourself as a Senior HR trusted advisor, delivering results!

HR Professionals who are passionate about their craft often don’t invest and spend time on their own development. We asked, HR Professionals with ten year’s experience or more why they don’t focus on developing their own leadership style, and some of the reasons are:

I don’t have the time to develop myself

I am too worried about the development of everyone else in the organisation

I prioritise my time on developing Business Leaders

I know how to Coach, so I do self-coaching

The result of this thinking is:
You risk becoming stale and out of date with your HR Knowledge. You stop being relevant to the business and they begin to work around you, which can lead to your position becoming vulnerable and your services no longer required.


  • Gain Greater Self-awareness
  • Advance your strategic Business partner
  • Develop & Enhance Team Effectiveness
  • Build Resilience
  • Network for Career Success
  • Recognise Empowering and Disempowering Habits


A proven coaching framework for success:

  • An initial consultation to review your visual insights from the HR Career Success interactive assessment wheel
  • 1-on-1 Focused Coaching Sessions (x6)
  • A comprehensive program to provide you with all the knowledge you need to support and strengthen your position.
  • Develop techniques and new ways of thinking to elevate your leadership qualities
  • A Customized digital workbook so you can access everything you are working on almost any device
  • Unlimited coaching support and recommended reading/or development between sessions
  • Reflective learning techniques to increase your self-awareness and build on your ‘aha!’ moments

Who is Service Suitable For?

For Senior HR Professional who have 10 year’s or more experience and who want to lead with confidence, influence and impact and be seen as a HR Trusted Leader.

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