Team Effectiveness

Teams have never been more critical.Despite their importance, all is not well in the world of teams. In 2017 a study of teams found only 13 per cent of teams operating at the highest level (Price and Toye, 2017). Some of the challenges we have experienced.

During the global pandemic of COVID-19, research has concluded that teams have been feeling fractured and disconnected, difficulty integrating new team members, personal isolation, amplification of silos between teams, to name just a few.

Effective Team Coaching looks to deconstruct the Team, challenge the Team’s values and motivations, remove egos and empower its members to rebuild a new, more effective Team.


  • Helping the team gain clarity on the distinctiveness and importance of team purpose.
  • Creating and holding a safe space for teams to openly discuss why they exist as a team.
  • Supporting the team as they develop team performance goals that underpin the team purpose.
  • Identify the practices that are holding the team back and put together an action plan of how to move the team to higher performance.


A proven coaching framework for success:

  • An initial consultation to review what you want to achieve from the Team Coaching Program
  • Bespoke program to meet the requirements of the organisation and team
  • Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the team members go through a number of exercises together to look at both the Individual Types in the team and also the Team Type
  • Create an Action Plan based on this
  • A safe space created for team members to share their authentic selves; who they are, what drives and motivates them
  • Recommended reading/or development between sessions

Who is the service for?

Leaders who want to lead a team with optimised performance who can adapt and innovate to shape the future of their organisations.

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